Fantasy Football Punishment Ideas

The 2015 NFL season is just around the corner as fantasy owners around the country begin to prepare for another season of fun, pain, agony, and anger. For many of these fantasy football owners this preparation is to ensure they have a chance to play for their league title while avoiding last place and the fantasy football loser punishments that follow.

Yes you read that correctly, I said fantasy football loser punishments. While you aren’t the only one that might not have heard of this before, we have seen them first hand. We’ve also heard about plenty of new punishments that fantasy leagues are coming up with each year.

Now before we start to look at a few different types of fantasy punishments for your league this year you must know how they work. Essentially, the punishment goes to the last place team in the league for that season. Some fantasy leagues might deal the punishment out for everyone in the entire league who finished in the bottom half, but most are only pertinent to one person. The LOSER. Also when we say punishment were not talking time out in the corner for being bad but more like making the loser wear a dress or get a tattoo.

Here are a few of the most popular fantasy football loser punishments that we have came across. 

Loser Wears The Dress League: This is called many different things by many different leagues. The end result is the loser in the league must wear a dress at some determined point after the season. These types of leagues have also had rules to make the guy wear make up to make them look more like a girl. As far as when you have to wear the dress that is also up to the league as some might make you come to there house when everyone is over some leagues might make you meet the guys at the favorite watering hole. In the end you if you can build that winning team you won’t have to worry about it.

Tattoo League: These leagues are becoming more and more popular each year, watch out. This league sounds exactly as what the title says. The end result in these types of leagues is the loser walking away with a tattoo. The downside is these tattoos are typically picked out by the winner or the rest of the league. Most of the time these tattoos aren’t exactly what you might want unless you want a butterfly on your arm with your league name in it.

Costume League: Costume leagues could be grouped with the Loser Wear a Dress league but the end result is the loser wearing a costume. For these leagues some of the top costumes that we have came across over the years include animals like panda bears, fairies and butterflies. We have even seen some of these costumes leagues make the loser go out and public in a public place to talk to other individuals.

Paintball League: While we may not agree with dishing out actual punishment, this one is another one that we have seen gaining some steam. After the season the fantasy football league goes out to shoot paintball the only catch is the loser has to dress up like a wild animal for the rest of the owners to hunt. End result is not only does losing hurt your dignity it also hurts your body.

Other types of fantasy football punishment leagues include losers having to shave their legs, put a fantasy football loser license plate on there car and even standing in public at a heavy traffic intersection holding up a sign while wearing a dress.

Make sure that you put in the time to prepare for your 2015 fantasy draft so you don’t join the large number of losers that have been apart of one of these punishments.