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2014 Basketball Bracket Challenge

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  • $2500 Guaranteed in Total Prizes. 
    $5702 Awarded in 2011.  Read More.
    So many ways to win! Prizes every round. Prizes overall. Prizes for each group of 20 entries.
    You are never "out of it" at AntSports. There is always a chance to win.

  • Toll Free Customer Support!
    AntSports provides a toll free customer support line : (888) 444-4ANT
    Does any other NCAA Bracket game offer that?

  • Guaranteed prizes.
    Did you know that no one has ever won the $1 million prize bracket game. No "bait and switch" at AntSports. The prizes promised are guaranteed. Someone will win. It might as well be you!

  • Unique Bracket Method  Read More.
    You enter your picks each and every round, just before the round begins. Try our Underdogs Bonus points!

  • $25 Entry Fee
    Our reasonably priced entry fee allows you to play throughout the tournament. No extra or hidden fees. I keep your email address private. The other bracket contests will sell your email address to everyone. At AntSports, we value your privacy.

  • AntSports is proven.
    This is AntSports 15th year on the internet.
    We are a members of the Fanstasy Sports Trade Assoication.
    In 15 years, AntSports has awarded more than $3,000,000 (yes, more than 3 Million) in prizes.

Thanks for playing at AntSports. Let's have some fun!

Steve --AntSports


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