How to Pick the Perfect Fantasy Football Draft Board

Our Number 1 Choice: The Hall of Fame Draft Board purchased from:
Our Number 2 Choice: The Official NFL Draft Board purchased from:
Our Number 3 Choice:  The Commish Choice Draft Board purchased from:

Long story short, you get what you pay for. If you decide to opt for a cheap draft board that cost less than $40, you’re getting a CHEAP DRAFT BOARD. You aren’t getting the deal of a lifetime, you’re getting s crappy board.

Make sure to consider price, shipping options, board quality / size, and labels quality / size when selecting the offline draft board that you purchase in 2017.



Consider Price (Ranges from #15 – $350)

The price that you want to pay for your 2017 Fantasy Football Draft Board will dictate a lot of what your options are. If you are in a standard 10-team fantasy football league, you should plan on spending at least $40 or $50.

$15 and Under Draft Boards – You really don’t want to spend $15 or less on a 2017 draft board. Sure, you could pick one up on eBay for $15 shipped, but you’re probably going to get a pretty poor product. They’re great if you’re just starting out with an offline draft, but if you play in a serious league, you can skip these guys. Most of the time these boards are folded up into a million squares, and the labels are clearly infringing on copyright laws.  Not to mention, each of the labels contains smudged ink and / or the ink overlaps the actual label.

$16 – $40  – In this price range, you’ll find around 50-75% of all draft boards on the market today. In reality, you can get a pretty nice draft board for this price. This category contains draft boards with high-quality ink, a nice and thick draft board, and fluorescent labels. This is also the cost of the official NFL fantasy football draft board.

$40 – $80  – If you make more than $40k a year, you should be looking for a draft board in this category. Spend a few extra bucks and invest in a board that you will be proud of. This is the category that the Hall of Fame draft board falls in, and it’s worth every penny. Typically you’ll be getting a premium draft board, very crisp and accurate labels, and white-glove shipping options. You can’t go wrong with a  board in this price category.

$80 – 350 – If you’re a high-roller, why not spend a bunch of cash on a draft board. Here, you can get a magnetic draft board, re-usable draft board, or a board that is more than 6-ft tall and 6-ft wide. Go all out if you got the cash!

Consider Draft Board Size (Ranges from 2 Ft x 2 Ft to 6 Ft x 6 Ft)

If you buy a 2017 fantasy football draft board that is less smaller than 3 ft by 3 ft, you just got ripped off! A small fantasy football draft board is essentially pointless, unless you’re drafting by yourself in a league of imaginary friends.

Make sure that the 2017 draft board that you buy is at least 3 ft by 4 ft (also known as 36 x 48). This will make sure that every player in your league can see the draft board from a distance of 20+ feet. If you opt for a smaller draft board from eBay or Etsy, you’re setting yourself up for a big disappointment.


Consider Draft Board Label Size (Ranges from 2″ x .75″ to 5″ x 2″)

Similar to buying a draft board that is small, have you considered how big the labels are? Most draft boards that you can purchase out there use a standard Avery 5160 label size. This is essentially 3 x 1 inches, most of which can be seen from 15+ feet away.


Some fantasy football draft boards that you can purchase come with 4 x 1 labels, while others  include massive 5 x 2 labels. To keep your 2017 draft party running smoothly and effectvely, we recommend 4 x 1 labels, where no position features more than 8 pages of labels. The more label sheets (i.e. 5 x 2 labels), the greater chance things get messy during draft day.

Consider Thickness of Draft Board (Ranges from 20 Lb Bond to 80 Lb Glossy)

To be blunt, the cheap 20 lb bond draft boards that you can find on eBay or Amazon rip very easy. It might seem like a great idea to purchase a 2017 fantasy football draft board kit for $15 or less, but many of these kits contain a cheap and flimsy draft board.

Any serious draft board supplier will use at least 36 LB draft board paper, and you shouldn’t settle for any less.


The top draft board suppliers out there will use 40 LB premium bond draft paper, while others go above and beyond with 80 LB gloss paper. The 80 LB gloss paper may seem like a great idea, but in all honesty, there is no difference from the 40 LB paper. It shines a bit more, and it’s thicker, but you can’t bring it outdoors and it can’t stand by itself!


Consider Shipping Options / Speed (Ranges from 8-day Ground & Folded to Overnight Tube)

Chances are, if you’re reading this draft board, you’re planning in advance. That means that you don’t have to worry about getting a 2017 draft kit shipped overnight. Many times, when you want to overnight a fantasy football draft board, you’ll have to pay $40 or more! That’s just crazy. This is why it pays to plan ahead!

The only other factor to consider with shipping is how the draft board is packaged. Some draft board companies, and most suppliers on eBay or Amazon will fold your draft board into a thousand small squares and jam it into a small envelope. If you don’t mid having a few permanent creases, this may not matter to you. But for those who want to host a legendary draft party, you’ll want to make sure your supplier offers poster tube shipping.

In some cases you’ll have to pay a bit extra, but it’s worth it. Even $15 for poster tube shipping is worth it, especially if you purchase a premium board.


Consider Return Policy

If you purchase a 2017 draft board from a local store or online, make sure to take a close look at the return policy. Most 2017 draft board suppliers will accept all returns, unless you order a custom fantasy football draft board that features a custom name. You’ll want to order a draft board from a company that offers a great return policy, in the event that you aren’t completely satisfied.