How to Determine Your Fantasy Football Draft Order

Madden Tournament

You don’t have to be a professional to host your own 10-team or 8-team madden tournament. Use this bracket to set up your league, and let the best madden player draft first!

Drunk Mini Golf Competition

Be smart… but be drunk and have fun.

Drunk Ping Pong Tournament

Since ping pong requires the most finness, you can expect your matches to get pretty ugly.

Point Based Obstacle Course

Host your own Spartan race in your backyard! OK, it doesn’t have to be like this, and perhaps a few more drinking games, but you get the idea.


Wonderlick Test

Take the wonderlick test online:

Pabst Blue Ribbon Poker

Every member of your league must drink an entire 6-pack of Pabst blue ribbon in bottles, and put together the best 5-card hand possible. Oh, and everyone must complete this within 30 minutes or you get last pick.